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Additional equipment for garden pools

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Technical chambers

Underground technical chambers

Underground technical chambers are a necessary element of swimming pool equipment. The room is used for the storage and operation of technical equipment needed for the proper functioning of the pool, such as pumps, filters or pool automation. With these compartments, you can easily access all equipment and components, allowing them to be quickly operated and maintained. The underground chambers we produce are made of durable and weather-resistant materials, and their aesthetic appearance makes them fit perfectly into the surroundings.

We offer compact chambers, which are a chamber divided in half, in one part there is an expansion tank for the overflow pool, and in the other part there is a room for technical equipment.

PPc technical chambers for swimming pools are buried underground, which allows them to be aesthetically and discreetly hidden. Technical rooms hidden in the ground are most often made in the form of special chambers, which are dug into the ground near the pool. This chamber can be equipped with a door or a flap for access to technical equipment.

Technical boxes hidden in the ground are quite large, so their size is selected individually depending on the needs and size of the pool. Pumping stations, filtration units and other technical equipment must have the appropriate power and capacity to properly operate a pool of a given size.

Custom-made technical boxes, equipped with various devices and technical components, are used to operate and maintain the pool. In the technical box you may find,

  1. Pumping station – a device used to drive the circulation of water in a pool and supply it to filtration units. The pumping station must be properly sized for the size and capacity of the pool to ensure proper operation.
  2. Filtration units – devices used to purify the water in the pool from impurities and bacteria. Filtration units are divided into different types, such as mechanical, chemical and biological filters. Choose the right type of filter for your pool’s needs and conditions.
  3. Heating – devices used to heat water in a swimming pool, such as an electric heater or a gas boiler. The heating should be properly selected according to the size and capacity of the pool and the climatic conditions.
  4. Lighting – special lamps and bulbs used to illuminate the inside of the pool. Lighting can be of various types, such as halogen, LED or neon.
  5. Valves and fittings – special elements used to regulate the flow of water in the pool. Valves and fittings should be properly selected according to the type of installation and technical parameters of the pool.
  6. Water disinfection – PH and chlorine dosing machines, salt electrolysis, UV disinfection system.

technical chamber with tank for overflow pool

technical chamber of the skimmer pool

technical chamber cross-section

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