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Cost of building a swimming pool

We know very well that having a swimming pool in your own garden is a dream of many people. As a manufacturer, we make sure that our customers can quickly enjoy their dream investment, which is why we use the most innovative production methods and the highest quality materials that will ensure a beautiful appearance and maximum functionality for many years. Many investors wonder how much it costs to build a swimming pool – you will find the answer right here!

What does the cost of building a swimming pool depend on?

The most important factors influencing the final price of the basin are, of course, its size, shape and the additional equipment used. They are crucial to the cost of investment in your garden.

Are you wondering how much it costs to build an in-ground pool compared to other types of basins? The most frequently chosen type are, of course, inflatable, strut and frame models, which can be seen in many gardens and allotments in summer. They are the cheapest solution, which, unfortunately, are also not very resistant to mechanical damage and external factors. An alternative are basins that are built in the ground – made of the highest quality polyester, which makes them much more durable and the possibility of using additional functions, such as lighting or heating, so they can be used not only in summer, but all year round. But this is not the only equipment included in the construction of the swimming pool.

The cost also depends on the type of technical chamber you choose: with an overflow tank or a skimmer system. The value of the investment also includes all additional equipment in the form of lighting (drifting or underwater), cover (roller shutters or canopies), type of heating, selected filter set, as well as ladders, handrails, slides, underwater speakers, hydro massages, waterfalls or counter-currents. Choose what equipment you need and contact our advisors to find out how much it costs to build a swimming pool in your garden.

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